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Bursting with elegance and charm, this artistic arrangement showcases a delightful fusion of 12 mesmerizing red and pink roses, symbolizing love and admiration. Complementing the roses are 3 delicate pink lilies, exuding grace and femininity, while 4 vibrant alstroemeria flowers add a touch of whimsy and color contrast. This handcrafted masterpiece is not limited to these enchanting blooms alone - the bouquet also features an assortment of seasonal flowers curated to perfection. The ever-changing assortment of seasonal blooms ensures that each creation is unique, reflecting the beauty of nature in Lebanon throughout the year. Carefully arranged by our skilled florists, "Romantic Harmony" exemplifies harmonious aesthetics, blending captivating colors, velvety petals, and captivating scents. Each flower is meticulously selected for its freshness and quality, ensuring longevity and a lasting impression. When sending this bouquet as a gift or adorning your own spaces, you can be confident that it will convey heartfelt emotions, celebrate special occasions, or simply brighten any day. Choose the best flower shop in Beirut, Lebanon

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